Thursday, April 30, 2009

20104: A recap of Dollhouse season one.

The best laid plans... There was a sync problem with the sound so the link has been removed until it all gets sorted out (hopefully soon). The video is worth waiting for.

20096: Blu-ray Buffy sign-up

As someone pointed out, this has been at Amazon for ages. There is no indication that Buffy will be on Blu-ray. Amazon does this sort of sign-up thing because it's better to have a "sign-up to be notified" page rather than a "not found" page when people search for it.

20087: Whedonverse Comic Chart positions are in for March.

Posted on the 15th.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

19994: Eliza Dushku to be on Loveline Thursday night

Added to the existing Eliza appearance thread that's already on the front page.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

19986: Summer Glau Gases Up

Even though this example was relatively innocuous, we don't do stalkerazzi at Whedonesque.

Monday, April 20, 2009

19967: i09 wants Dollhouse to continue

It's just brief commentary on the interview that was posted here at Whedonesque on Saturday. Not really front page material.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

19963: Culture analysis about Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This would be worth posting on the flickr group or at  Not really a front-page post here, though

19959: Amazon is having a Firefly and Serenity sale.

We had a very similar Firefly/Serenity sales thread posted a couple of days ago.

But the sentiment was appreciated.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

19956: Last Night's Prison Break Ratings Lower Then Terminator's.

See previous entry on this topic.

19955: Mutant Enemy Crossword

Posted yesterday.

Joss to Appear in special Live "This American Life"

Posted and deleted maybe an even dozen times now since the original post.

19951: Official Release Date for Dollhouse Season 1 DVD

Posted back on the 8th.

19949: Maybe Fox should renew Dollhouse after all.

Ratings threads for non-Joss shows not that front page worthy. And we seem to have Dollhouse ratings threads every other day now. Enough for the time being. Otherwise we will talk ourselves to death.

19947: Stars Spill on "Dollhouse"'s Star-Crossed Relationships.

Already on the front page.

19941: 'State of Play' opens today

Where to begin?  First, imdb links are disfavored.  Second, general info about a movie opening isn't particularly newsworthy.  A review thread might be worthwhile.  Third, "barack-esque"?  Is that really how we want to describe Harry Lennix?

Friday, April 17, 2009

19936 : Save our show--by watching it on TV

Should really be posted as a comment in the "save our shows by not watching tv" thread. Otherwise we run the risk of rehashing the same debate over and over again.

19931: Tvbythenumbers: Why DVR won’t save Dollhouse and TSCC

Entries which seem to be having a go at other sites aren't welcome here.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Joss Whedon special guest on 'This American Life-Live!'

This has been posted before.

Dollhouse Paleyfest tickets up for grabs.

Tickets are already gone, international site wasn't updated yet. Thanks, jengod.

19898: Brian Austin Green about the future of Terminator: SCC.

Interviews with actors that haven't appeared in Joss' shows are not really front page material. This would be better off posted in the TSCC thread that is already on the front page.

19890: Denver Serenity Screening Wednesday.

To be honest, these heads up don't seem to be generating much disucssion any more. Will need to look in how this can be addressed.

19891: You can order Geek Monthly Magazine Nathan Fillion cover online.

Not quite front page news.

19888: Last Night's Castle Dip's to 7.6 million Viewers.

News about viewing numbers for non-Joss shows is not a front-page post

Monday, April 13, 2009

19871: IO9 Community on The Missing Last Dollhouse Episode.

As fascintating as the thoughts of the 109 community are, it's not quite front page material. Otherwise we'd be linking to AICN talkbacks etc.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

19868: Watch Colbert Tuesday Night

No link and the item was tenuous at best.

19867: Joss Whedon Accepts Award, Drops Dollhouse Hints, Names Winner Of Buffy/River Fight.

Already linked to on the front page yesterday.

19865: Alexa Davalos cast in remake of Clash of the Titans

Posted on the 1st of April.

19863: Miracle Laurie (aka November) plays the ukulele!

Posted on March 31st

19860: Latest Dollhouse ratings are in.

Covered already in another thread

19862: The Guild Season One to be ReReleased.

This news was already mentioned in another post that's still on the front page

19858: Joss Whedon Accepts Award, Drops Dollhouse Hints, Names Winner Of Buffy/River Fight

And - see below.  It's a good idea to check our Deleted Posts blog before reposting a story.  

Saturday, April 11, 2009

19856: Joss Whedon Accepts Award, Drops Dollhouse Hints, Names Winner Of Buffy/River Fight.

This topic is actually already on the front page.

Tvbythenumbers talks about Dollhouse and TSCC

The article doesn't really have that much to say and what it does say has been said before. The post also could've used a pass or two of proofreading.

Friday, April 10, 2009

19841: Exclusive Interview: James Marsters Talks Dragonball:Evolution, High Plains Invaders & Moonshot / Pt 2

There's nothin really new here that hasn't been said in the previous Dragonball promotional interviews that have been linked to here at Whedonesque.

19839: Dollhouse: Do These Characters Seem Familiar to You?

And for the second time today, this was posted at the end of February.

19837: Press Release for Dollhouse 1x11 "Briar Rose".

The episode details were revealed in the May Sweeps press release.

19836: The Characters of "Dollhouse" = Familiar?

Posted back at the end of February.

19834: Dollhouse is one of 'Ten to Save'.

Posted about a week ago.

19835: iF Magazine interview with James Marsters

Posted yesterday.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

19799: Buffy movie?

This story was posted last week.

19795: Charisma Carpenter in CSI April 9th.

The trouble with doing a heads up guest appearance a day before the show airs is that the entry will more than likely disappear off the front page by the time the episode airs and so no one will really get a chance to discuss it. And it will also cause me to write incredibly long sentences. So in conclusion, this particular item should be re-posted a few hours before the episode airs so we can get some good discussion going on the front page.

19793: TRS casually talks Dollhouse for this week's intro.

It's a bit too brief for a front page mention.

19791: Kal Penn Leaves House for the White House.

This one's a bit too obscure for the front page.

19790: Echo on Twitter?

The novelty of Whedonverse characters on Twitter has worn off. Also it possibly broke our no self-linking rule as well.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

19782: "Dollhouse" On Verge Of Cancellation

There's nothing new here that wasn't thrashed out in the epic ratings/renewal debate of yesterday.

Monday, April 6, 2009

19772: Nathan Fillion: The EW Pop Culture Personality Test

Double posted item.

19760: Blogger claims that Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles has been cancelled.

This particular blogger claimed on March 27th that the sets had been torn down.'s Ausiello reported on April 1st, "The SCC sets have not been struck, a Warner Bros. insider maintains. They've simply been "shuffled around." (Hopefully not from the soundstage to the landfill)."

Really, who are you going to believe?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

19578: Buffy is the winner, no surprise to me

Not a well worded post and also we had a recent post about the final anyhow.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

19725: Fox cancels Joss Whedon.

Because jokes about suicide are made for the front page.

19724: Aly had her baby! On her birthday!

Posted yesterday.

19722: Fox Cancels Joss Whedon.

Still not funny as one poster pointed out.

Really sad sad news

The Andy Hallett news has already been posted and is linked from the sidebar.

19717: Fox Cancels Joss

There's funny April Fool's Jokes and then there's crass April Fool's Jokes. This entry was the latter.

19715: Remembering Andy Hallet

See previous entry.

19713: Andy Hallet R.I.P.

This sad news has already been posted and is currently linked to on the right-hand side bar on the front page.

19703: Meet the (possible) new stars of the 2009 - 10 TV season.

Despite the poster's best efforts, the links won't go to any of the 3 Whedon stars featured on the mind-numbingly tedious 87(!) pages of "new stars" - so we're declining the invitation to browse

19706: Stephen Colbert challenges NASA over Node Name.

See Simon's previous comment - this one has been done to death.  Really