Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Josh Wheaton" answers your questions.

Already posted, etc.

PaleyFest09 : Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog 4/14 and Dollhouse 4/15.

Already been discussed.

19256: Riley/Buffy one of TV Guide readers' picks for "TV's Worst Couples".

Merged with the preceding TV Guide List entry to save space on the front page.

19254: Ausiello talks Dollhouse spoilers.

As said earlier, nothing new here that hasn't been said in the previous two Alpha threads posted in the last couple of days.

19251: That Alpha news from

There's nothing new here that hasn't been discussed on the two previous Alpha threads. Also not a terribly good idea to reveal spoilers in the subject line.

19427: What Christian Kane will be doing next season on "Leverage."

Coverage of other shows is usually restricted to interviews with actors/writers who have appeared in Joss shows.

19244: NASA International Space Station Might Be Named After Serenity

We talked about this the other week.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Felicia Day in Sears Commercial

Posted long ago in a galaxy... er, well here, actually.

19237: Joss Talks The Toughness Of Bringing DC Comic Characters To Big Screen Vs. Marvel Characters.

See previous entry.

19235: Joss Whedon discusses the trouble with DC's "god-like" characters.

Rehash of quotes taken from the Maxim interview which was linked to at Whedonesque last week.

19233: Fox isn't pulling another Firefly with Dollhouse, is it?

Lesson 3145 - Never rely on IMDB for anything.

19232: Alpha actor revealed?

Posted the other day.

19231: /Film Podcast gives brief, but high praise to "The Target".

Merged with another review thread.

19228: Sci Fi's Warehouse 13 Has Gone Into Production.

Jane Espenson is no longer attached to this project so not really newsworthy for the front page.

19227: Eliza Dushku -- I'm Not a Douche

Yeah, we're not going to link to TMZ - unless they have some absolutely groundbreaking scoop of substance.  And if we ever do, we're not going to have *that* as the link title.  

Monday, February 23, 2009

19207: Eliza Dushku's Maxim photoshoot.

Eliza's Maxim shoot has been thoroughly covered at W.  In addition, links to scans of copyrighted material, to be found at the link, are against site rules.  

Friday, February 20, 2009

19178: Sale on Whedon TV DVDs at Amazon.

News about this particular Amazon sale was posted on the 10th.

19176: Has 'The System' driven Joss Whedon to quit TV?

Rehash of quotes which had already been posted at Whedonesque.

19174: Repo! The Genetic Opera out on DVD in the UK.

As noted, the March 9 release date was already mentioned a while back.  I'm sure we'll have a new thread to let people know when it is about to, or has just, come out.  

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

19134: "24" tonight is Fury written and he also makes a cameo (with out mustard)

A bit insubstantial for a front-page post to begin with, and the link goes to the Fox 24 page without any additional Fury-related info

Friday, February 13, 2009

19098: Bostonist welcomes you to the Dollhouse

See previous post.

19093: TimeOut Chicago Talks Dollhouse.

Unfortunately there's nothing here that's startingly new or different to all the other pieces out there.

About those endless reviews

So many reviews have been posted on the front page that they are starting to blur into one and really it just takes up space on the front page.

19086 - Eliza Dushku is #1 on Yahoo's Top Searches for today.

Normally this would be ok but given what's happening today, this didn't make the cut.

19082: Eliza's appearance on Conan O'Brien.

Should really be posted in the comments sections of the heads up entry from yesterday.

19079: People who should thank Joss Whedon.

Been posted already.

19078: Stars of the Whedonverse

Posted the day before.

19072: Eliza Dushku to appear on Late Night with Conan O'Brien TONIGHT!

That particular news was already posted yesterday.

19075: Coverage of Eliza Dushku on

Just saving space again by merging this, as yet uncommented upon, thread with another DH thread.

Dollhouse Get Hulu Channel.

Previously posted as part of one of the fabled Infodump threads.

Felicia Day on Dollhouse.

I actually deleted several posts for this.

19066: io9 has seen 3 episodes of Dollhouse.

Rather than have individual entries linking to reviews, a new thread has been created to soak up all the reviews in one go. Perhaps this one could be added to it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

19065: Stars of Whedon-verse, ala

Posted the day before.

19061: New website from Haken (

Site is down. Sloppy post. No response when asked to clean it up.

19060: Joss and Eliza on tomorrow's Best Week Ever.

Added to the Appearance thread on the front page.

19059: ScrippsNews review of Dollhouse

Added to the review thread on the front page.

19056: Eliza Dushku on Today's 'Howard Stern Show.'

Added to the existing Eliza chat show thread. It's down purely to save space on the front page as the countdown to Dollhouse draws nearer.

19054: Eliza Dushku on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" Tonight

Added to the other chat show appearance entry on the front page as to save space.

19050: New in-continuity "Buffy" season 8 one-shot.

This news was covered last weekend.

19049: Joss talks Dollhouse w/MTV

Already posted in the fourth info dump.

19045: Sin City Trailer: Buffyverse style.

There's nothing standish out here that would make for a front page entry.

19046: SF Chronicle has doubts about "Dollhouse".

Added to the review thread for Dollhouse.

19047: Win a piece of Eliza Dushku's wardrobe from "Dollhouse"

Posted the day before.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

19036: How I Met Your Mother one of TV Guides' "Smartest Shows on Television."

Bit thin for the front page especially as it's not a Joss show.

19035: Monkey See's take on NY Comic-Con

Added to the third info dump to save space on the front page.

19037: Joss Whedon on Fresh Air Feb. 12

Added to the third info dump thread to save space on the front page.

19030: Dollhouse: Joss Whedon Q&A.

Already posted earlier today.

19023: Joss & Eliza at Apple Store in Soho tonight

I believe this is a link to an illicit clip of copyrighted material and, thus, not permitted under site rules

19021: North Carolina FOX network hosts Dollhouse themed contest

Merged with existing DH-related thread to slow the relentless front-page slide.  And, I just realized that similar news about other such contests was the subject of its own thread earlier on today.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

19015: Eliza blogs on her Myspace.

It's hard to tell if it is her or not. So the entry has been removed, it will be put back if it is actually her site.

19007: Revolt Of A TV Genius - A New Rolling Stone Article on Joss

Members would do well to check the deleted posts blog - this is the 4th time this has been put up and, now, taken down . . . 

19005: Revolt Of A TV Genius - A New Rolling Stone Article on Joss


19004: Revolt Of A TV Genius - A New Rolling Stone Article on Joss

We don't link to scans and secondly the relevant bit about Joss leaving telly was discussed in another RS link the other day.

19003: Revolt Of A TV Genius - A New Rolling Stone Article on Joss

This pdf was linked to in an earlier discussion of this Rolling Stone article.

19000: Is Zoe Washburne Gonna Have to Choke a Female Dog?

This news was in the infodump thread.

Monday, February 9, 2009

18995: 7 New Dollhouse Clips.

You know what they say, "There are no new Dollhosue videos under the sun." They are correct.

18996: Eliza Dushku is Active in the Dollhouse.

Rolled into the infodump.

18994: NY Times collecting questions for Joss

Already in the infodump post.

18993: Echo gallery up at


18989: Joss in the Nick of "Times"

Linked to on Saturday.

1855: Eliza Dushku to appear on Late Night with Conan O'Brien Thursday Night

A heads up about this was posted last month.

Save Hiatus discusses Joss Whedon’s “Dollcouch.”

Merged with the io9 thread.

"There are places in the show where I don't know which way is up."

I merged this with your other interview post to save front page space.

18981: Joss interviewed on NPR Evening News show, All Things Considered,

Double posted item.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Whedonverse owns Friday 13th.

A little light for the front page given the veritable torrent of more substantive posts.

18960: AOL UK - Top cool schools

Three 'best of' lists is a bit too much for the front page so this particular item was added to a Best WB character entry.

Friday, February 6, 2009

18946: TV Addict: 10 Questions with Eliza Dushku.

Added this link to an existing Eliza interview entry on the front page.

18944: Behind the Scenes-Clips for Dollhouse.

Merged with the following entry to save space on the front page.

18943: AICN reports on new Vampire drama on the CW and still mourns Angel's cancellation.

Normally this would be fine but we're very much overloaded on the front page at the moment and so we're cutting down non-Joss items.

18942: TV Guide Magazine issue posted early on Fox.


18941: Dollhouse and the Future of Joss' Career.

We don't link to scans.

18933: Fain and Craft Interview

Double postage 

Meta: Buffy/Satsu and how we read power and sexuality in Buffy.

Given the current flood of news especially, we are trying to avoid linking to random_person_73's livejournal.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

18908: Magazine form of TV GUIDE has Dollhouse stories

The info would really need to be online for there to be a front page entry.

18907: Dollhouse showing tonight in metro Detroit.

We're starting to get to the stage where we were four and a half years ago with Serenity. The front page is getting very busy and so items will be merged with existing entries to stop the front page from completely changing every few hours. This particular entry was added to a review of the pilot.

18906: Another TWoP list -- Best Computer Geeks.

Added to another TWOP best of list that was already on the front page.

18902: The Dames of Deception.

Posted a couple of days ago. The front page has been getting busier with the build up to Dollhouse' debut so items will get missed.

18892: 10 Cliches That Must Die - Part 2.

Not enough meat on it justify a front page entry.

18895: Buffy featured on Sidereel's main page during their "WB Week".

Not really front page news.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

18863: Sonny Rhodes Sends His Thanks...

Already posted within the other thread, earlier today